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Travel Tips for South Asia



Travel Tips for South Asia

Visa for travel to India, Myanmar, & Bhutan, is required to be obtained from your country of origin. Presently visa on arrival is not available to these countries & must be applied for much in advance from the Indian Embassy in your country of residence. There are a few restricted places in India where one requires a special permit which will be intimated to you at the time of booking the tour – if going to that area. Some countries require a multiple entry visa if double or multiple entries are required.

For Srilanka, Nepal & Maldives, entry permit / visa can be obtained on arrival. It is recommended that atleast 2 passport size photos are carried for each of these countries so as to avoid delays at immigration control.

For Tibet an entry permit will be required to be processed at Kathmandu & takes about 2-3 working days. A Chinese Visa is not required if you are planning to visit Tibet only.

Travel Insurance:
Foreigners touring South Asian countries are strongly advised to carry comprehensive travel insurance from their own country. This is not available for international passengers in South Asia.

Baggage & clothing: In India, delicate fabrics do not stand up well to laundering facilities except at deluxe hotels. Plain cottons or cotton/synthetic blends are the most practical and the coolest in summer. During the winter months, sweaters and light jackets are required. Good pair of binoculars, sunglasses that block out ultraviolet rays and a wide brimmed hat are a must.

If you are visiting a temple, mosque of any such monument, it is advisable for women to wear a long skirt or dress or trousers. Travel in a Muslim community calls for even more discretion. Women should consider wearing a salwar kameez, or loose pants and long blouse. In some Hindu and Jain temples all leather products inside a shrine like shoes, belts, handbags, camera cases etc. are prohibited. Many temples also expect visitors to purify themselves by washing their hands and feet under a tap or tank available there before entering.

Irrespective of your country of origin, airlines allow only 20 kilos of checked in baggage for internal travel within India.


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