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Travel Tips for South Asia



Travel Tips for South Asia

Mobile Phone & Electrical appliances:
To stay in touch with family & friends back home, it is advised to get a local mobile phone connection. Rentals & talk time is one of the cheapest in the world & definitely much lower than using phones at hotels.

The electrical current in India is 220 volts, 50 cycle’s alternating current (AC), wall outlets take plugs with two round prongs. Thus for electric-powered equipment, bring an adapter and a converter, though most hotels will be happy to lend you one.

Internet & Cyber Cafes:
South Asia is quite wired up & most large hotels have internet wireless or wired & so it is alright to carry your laptops etc. Incase you do not have your own computer, cyber cafes are cheap & available fairly easily all over.

Exchange to local currency:
Importing and exporting the currency is strictly against the rules. International airports have currency-exchange booths that are always open for arriving or departing overseas flights. A good idea would be to change certain amount of money in small denominations. Always change money from an authorized money-changer and do not forget to take the encashment slip as this is required when reconverting rupees into another currency.

Most hotels have foreign-exchange facilities for their guests and will cash traveller's cheques. Credit cards are widely accepted in all countries of the region however it is better to carry the main ones like American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Credit cards can also be used in ATMs in the larger cities.

Food & Water:
While South Asia (especially India) is well known for its street food, it is not recommended for western palates & should be avoided. Simultaneously, only bottled water is recommended for drinking purposes.

Tips & Gratuities:
Most services do not have a service charge included in the costs and thus any extra services warrant added tips which are appreciated in most countries. Keep a batch of Indian rupee notes for hotel floor attendants, etc. No tips are required for meter-taxis or auto-rickshaws, if used.


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