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Sunshine Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd. Sunshine Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd. Sunshine Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd. Sunshine Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd. Sunshine Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd. Sunshine Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd. Sunshine Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd.
The best & most considerate incoming India operator that we have worked with over the past 31 years is Sunshine Travels, Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi India.
- Molly J Schiff/Geeta Unique Travel/ USA
We all had a remarkable time under Assam Bengal Navigation's staff policies and assistance both at Diphlu and aboard the Sukapha from Oct.26-29. Everyone became family...quite a wonderful happening in so short a time spent aboard the Sukapha and at Diphlu.
Moreover, our road experience with Eeso and drivers from Oct.29 thru Nov.2-3 added to our adventure which was handled with utmost care by Eeso!!! Election time and strikes in India are something else...differnt than Diwali....
- Molly J Schiff/Geeta-Unique Travels, USA (North East Tour, October ’08)
We had such an amazing time. The hotels, tour guides and our driver were all so professional, friendly and helpful.I wanted to pass on a special thank you to the Le Meridien hotel manager in Jaipur
- Denese Bottrell, USA ( December ’08)
Ms Davies had a very good time...She saw a tiger and 3 Asian leopards in the national parks selected. Thank you and Sunshine very much for the attention and service...
- Mr.Newman Lee/ USA (Dec ’08)
In all we had a very good trip to India. Our highlight was the road trips between the cities of Agra/Jaipur/Jodphur/Mandawa/Delhi. It is on these country roads and villages that India fully reveals itself and this is what we came to see.....The only regret was hotel in Delhi and not providing the free city guide of Delhi
- Viky Murray, Australia ( October ’08)
Very good hotels, specially Jaipur, guides were very kind and courtesies; representative very clean, reliable and helpful.
-Jose Duarte / Mexico (December ’08)
Excellent hotels, excellent transport and guide
- R.Dawood / Pakistan (November ’08)
Great service. Special mentioned to the Agra guide. We had a wonderful time
- Ruth Garcia/ Mexico (October ’08)
Good hotels, very good food, good transport and drives. Use better guide in Khajuraho please - don't so pushy for shopping
- Ana C Troop/Mexico (October ’08)
All outstanding, with exception of Ranjit Svaasa hotel in Amritsar who were not really seem prepared for guest- beautiful old building. Excellent as always. Will return next year.
- Sabra Minkus/USA (October ’08)
Imperial is the best of all hotels we stayed, Professional guides. Sightseeing was most enlightening. All Sunshine persons were wonderful to work with...
- Peter O'hara/USA (September ’08)
Very good hotels in India, but at some hotels have to ask for smoking and non smoking room. Excellent food though!!! Delhi - we didn't saw Qutab Minar. Our Chaufer is an excellent person
- B Gonzalez/Mexico (March ’07)
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