Efficient Chimney Filter Cleaning: Restore Your Kitchen Hood's Shine

Efficient Chimney Filter Cleaning: Restore Your Kitchen Hood's Shine

When was the last time you dedicated time to cleaning your kitchen chimney? If it's hard to recall, then it's a clear signal that it's time to rejuvenate your hood's appearance with some straightforward yet impactful efforts. 

Cleaning a kitchen chimney might not be a task you look forward to due to its laborious nature, but it's an essential chore to ensure its optimal performance and the hygiene of your kitchen. Cooking generates smoke that gradually coats the chimney filters, leading to a greasy buildup. 

Kitchen chimneys typically sport baffle filters that can be easily removed and cleaned. Now, let's dive into the effective methods for cleaning your chimney filters, all of which can be accomplished using basic ingredients found in your kitchen.

Dishwashing Liquid Delight: Extract the filters from the hood and apply a touch of dishwashing liquid to them. Let them air dry, and they'll be ready for reinstallation in the chimney.

  • Once every fortnight, remove the baffle filter from your cookerhood and wash with warm water and dishwashing liquid.
  • If you have an auto-clean chimney with filter, you can do the filter cleaning as described above, once every 6 months.
  • For those with filter-less auto-clean chimneys, even though there's no traditional filter, it's important to give the mesh a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth.

If your chimney has an oil collector cup, remember to remove it and wash with warm water and dishwashing liquid. 

External Hood Cleansing

Don't forget to pay attention to the external appearance of your hood. Employ a damp, soft cloth to gently clean the exterior body of the chimney. For more stubborn grime, utilize a mild cleaning detergent, followed by wiping the surface with a clean cloth. Remember to use a dry cloth only around the sensors on the front, if your hood has them. 

Important Note 

Prioritize safety and consult your product manual before attempting any of the aforementioned methods. 

If you find these methods a bit overwhelming or time-consuming, and your kitchen features a Sunshine Chimney, rest assured that assistance is readily available. Simply reach out to the Sunshine Helpline at 1800-102-8820 or send an email to support@sunshineindia.com. You can request the expertise of a trained professional from the company to service your chimney, ensuring its optimal functionality and your peace of mind.

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